4 seasons

Summer First of all, summer is the time for a beach holiday! In every region immense Kazakhstan is...


First of all, summer is the time for a beach holiday!

Each region of vast Kazakhstan has its own reservoirs:

lakes - large and small, man-made reservoirs, wide flat

rivers and mountain streams, where it is so pleasant to

plunge into the summer heat. The most developed

infrastructure for a beach holiday is presented on large

lakes - Alakol, Balkhash, in the resort areas - "Burabai",

"Bayanaul" with small, but very picturesque reservoirs.

And, of course, the Caspian coast is developing on a

large scale - new beaches, five-star hotels, water parks,

a wide range of water activities are appearing.


Autumn is the time for picturesque photo shoots in

orange-red tones. Even without leaving the city, going to

the nearest park, you will be delighted with the bright colors

of birches, mountain ash, oaks and other deciduous trees.

And in mountainous areas, for example, Almaty, East Kazakhstan

regions, the colors of the sunset will always be diluted with

shades of green of different types of coniferous plantations.

No less picturesque are the autumn landscapes of the

resort areas "Burabai", Imantau-Shalkarskaya, Karkaralinsk,

even if the mountains are lower here.


Winter is the time for lovers of skiing, snowboarding, ice skating.

Almaty and East Kazakhstan regions are famous for their ski

resorts, steep wild slopes for freeriders. "Shymbulak", "Medeu", "

Akbulak", "Tabagan", Oi-Qaragai, "Altai Alps" are well-known

places for family holidays far beyond the borders of the country.

But what to do where there are no mountains? Skate! In almost

every city of Northern, Central Kazakhstan, there are dozens of

indoor and outdoor ice rinks.


Fields of tulips in the Turkestan and Zhambyl regions, poppies

in Almaty and Zhetysu, lilac kandyks in the east of the country -

do not allow travelers to stay in one place for a long time! In

the spring, at the end of March, the whole country celebrates

the bright holiday of Nauryz. The holiday of spring renewal,

when people go to visit each other, snow-white yurts are

set up on the streets of cities and villages and treats are

prepared for everyone!

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