New paradigm of travel: Kazakhstan's way

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Kazakhstan is the perfect secluded getaway for some outdoor adventures

As global challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic are dictating new code of conduct for destinations, tourism markets are to define new approaches to cope with new circumstances and tourists' expectations with the social distancing among others. 

World’s 9th largest and 15th least densely populated

Kazakhstan with its vast territory and scattered scarcely populated countries as well as abundance of national parks, is a unique destination where social distancing is something unforced and natural - Natural Social Distancing.

In recent years, Kazakhstan has been recognized as an eco-friendly destination and was ranked among the best countries for ecotourism. For example, in 2020 the British Backpacker Society placed Kazakhstan in the TOP-5 must-visit destinations for adventure travel. Moreover, according to the Gulf News, the Big Almaty Lake is listed as one of the most favorite destinations among its readers in the United Arab Emirates.

Kazakhstan is very rich in natural attractions. There are 13 national parks, 10 nature reserves, 6 protected areas, 50 wildlife sanctuaries, 5 reserve zones, and 79 natural monuments. And all of this beauty is scattered all over the country, so wherever you go you will find incredibly unique nature and solitude. The total area of all specially protected zones occupies about 9% of the country’s total area. In comparison, Great Britain would easily fit into this territory.

Thanks to its vast territory, Kazakhstan boasts incredibly diverse landscapes and climate. Even if you choose only one location, you still can experience all the seasons of the year: from summer at the foot of a mountain to winter in the highlands. These unique tours are offered in South-Eastern and Southern Kazakhstan. Due to dramatic diversity in elevation these areas offer various landscapes, and rich wildlife.

Another experience worth mentioning is visiting ancient cities along the Silk Road, which has had a significant impact on the lives of the nomads. Nomadic culture, as opposed to what is happening in the world, can provide answers to the most pressing questions of everyday life. For example, even the usual greeting of nomads was done remotely with a hand to the chest and a slight bow. Special attention was also paid to food consumption, hygiene and many other aspects of life. And this is part of a unique travel product offered by Kazakhstan.

A screen cap from the movie "Myn Bala: Warriors of the Steppe", 2012, directed by Akan Satayev

As an integral part of the Silk Road, our lands are still imbued with the spirit of those ancient times. By choosing the Silk Road tours, you can experience the multinational vibe of Southern Kazakhstan, especially the 2,000-year-old city of Taraz, or 1,500-year-old Turkistan, the center of the Turkic world, which will help you immerse yourself in the nomadic culture.

Throughout the route you will see unique sights, such as the Jarkent Mosque, built without a single nail, Buddhist temples, majestic mausoleums and one of the best “selfie” sites in the world located in the ancient city of Otrar. By the way, did you know Kazakhstan was the motherland of tulips? Here you can see wild fields of these magnificent flowers spread as far as the eye can see.

Undoubtedly, Kazakhstan is the country with the most incredible nature and adventure opportunities along the Silk Road. In addition to the enchanting forests, lakes and mountains, here travelers can enjoy the views of Lake Kaindy with its unique “sunken forest”, alien landscapes of Bozjyra, Tuzbair, Torysh Valley, and Airakty in the Mangystau Province, unearthly lands of Kiinkerish in Eastern and Akjar in Central Kazakhstan. You can also visit Baikonur Cosmodrome, to explore the spaceport where the first human spaceflight was launched!

The world crisis motivates us to establish new rules and revise old orders. And we believe that this crisis will renovate the tourism industry and help travelers discover new and unique experiences.

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