COVID-19 situation in Kazakhstan


The latest information on epidemiological situation and travel options in Kazakhstan during COVID-19 pandemic

Statistics as of June 6, 2021:

395,064 Infected cases
367,285 Recovered cases
4,076 Deaths from COVID-19

In February 2021, Kazakhstan launched the “Ashyq” project to prevent the spread of COVID-19 throughoutthe country. When entering public places, visitors must scan a special QR code to ascertain their health status. A “Green” status would determine that a visitor has a negative PCR test or a vaccination passport. If more than three days have passed since the last PCR test, the status of an individual changes to “Blue.” A “Blue” status indicates that a visitor doesn’t have a PCR test or hasn’t had any contact with a COVID-19 patient. A “Yellow” status indicates that a visitor has come in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 patient. A “Red” status should warn that a visitor is registered as positive for COVID-19 in the database. People with “Green” and “Blue” statuses are free to visit all public places, whereas, people with “Yellow” and “Red” statuses are denied access.

On May 21, 2021, the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Republic of Kazakhstan signed a Resolution on the implementation of the Ashyq project at public places, which should make sure that the project is being implemented across all regions of the country. The institutions and organizations that support the project include:

fitness clubs, yoga centers, spa centers, saunas, swimming pools, Arcades, bowling alleys, billiard hall, karaoke bars, cinemas, theaters, concert halls, philharmonic halls, summer playgrounds; public catering facilities, food courts, banquet halls, (excluding canteens and street food vendors); interregional and urban seasonal (tourist) transportation, exhibitions, oceanariums, marathons and sporting events with spectators, Nur-Sultan International Airport, Almaty International Airport, Shymkent International Airport, Turkistan International Airport (starting from May 31, 2021), Aktau International Airport, and Kostanay International Airport (starting from June 7, 2021).

Please note that if a visitor does not have a smartphone or has a hard time checking his/her status, an employee would happily check a visitor's status with his/her consent. In this case a visitor should notify the employee his/her Individual Identification Number (IIN).

Foreign citizens are also allowed to enter public places only after checking their status. A foreign citizen must show his/her passport number to an employee and an employee will check a foreigner’s status in the app.

Information for foreign citizens! Visa-free entrance to Kazakhstan has been suspended for 54 countries until December 31, 2021. You can find up-to-date information on the Visa policies of Kazakhstan here.

Although the border of Kazakhstan remains closed to most foreign citizens, international air traffic is gradually being restored. To date, Kazakhstan has resumed international flights to/from South Korea, Georgia, Germany, UAE, Belarus, Turkey, Egypt, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Russia, Poland, Montenegro, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. You can get more information on international travel here.