Top 10 health resorts in Kazakhstan offering post-COVID rehab

Fresh air, mineral springs, and healing mud will help bring those affected by the coronavirus back to health

An optimal geographic location and the peculiarities of the local climate make Kazakhstan a nice destination for those who want to improve health. The country is home to several health resorts, and choosing the one that will meet your needs can be a challenge. In this article, we will take a look at the best resorts offering post-COVID rehabilitation, which are also suitable for those wanting just to recharge and revitalize their overall health.

Southern Kazakhstan is home to the Saryagash Resort Area, famous for its mineral springs which are believed to treat inflammation, boost the immune system, and have an overall positive effect on the human body. Most resorts are located in the village of Kokterek. Weather-wise, spring and autumn are the best seasons for visiting; however, those with certain skin diseases that can be cured by sun exposure should come in summer.

East Kazakhstan Province is home to a pantotherapy center specializing in using extracts from the antlers of young stags for medicinal purposes. Also, the Katon-Karagay thermal radon springs, located in the region, help in the treatment of various endocrine diseases. In addition to therapy, the resorts offer mountain hikes, horseback riding tours, and other fun activities. The region’s nature is strikingly beautiful all year round, and each season has something special to offer.

Medical spas in the western regions of Kazakhstan specialize in the treatment and prevention of joint diseases, nervous system disorders, gynecological and urological conditions, and skin diseases. Here visitors can get treatment with mineral baths, dirt applications, and other types of natural therapy. The resorts located on the banks of the Ural River are particularly famous for their unique mud.

The clean air of Burabay and Kostanay's pine forests, healing mud, and unique natural attractions make North Kazakhstan another one of the most sought-after resort areas. Here you can enjoy balneological spas that offer kumys therapy (a mildly alcoholic drink made from fermented mare's milk, said to have therapeutic properties), mud therapy, and antler baths that help heal cardiovascular and nervous systems, digestive organs, the respiratory system, and joints.

Most resorts operate year-round. Outside the high season (during the cold months of the year) the prices are usually lower. From November to March, the aforementioned resorts are perfect for fans of winter sports and for those who prefer to avoid crowds, which is especially relevant nowadays.

As the coronavirus may trigger chronic diseases, an individual rehabilitation program is developed for each patient. Due to a growing demand for post-COVID rehabilitation, the National Resort Association of Kazakhstan has listed the ten best health resorts for recoveries:

  • Altynay Resort, Kazakhstan KZ Resort and Mankent Resort in the Saryagash Resort Area in Turkistan Province;
  • Merke Radon Resort and Aisha-Bibi Resort in Jambyl Province;

  • Kazakhstan Resort and Altyn Kargaly Hotel-Resort in Almaty;
  • Almaty Resort, located only three kilometers away from the city of Almaty, at the foot of the Ile-Alatau Mountains;
  • Nurbergen Health Resort in West Kazakhstan Province; and
  • Shipager Health Resort in Aktobe Province.

High-level service and a developed infrastructure provide a comfortable and safe rest for all who wish to recover.

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