Irbis Race. Mountain ultramarathon

Irbis Race. Mountain ultramarathon

Kazakhstan will host the Irbis Race Mountain Ultramarathon. Its participants will have to overcome a difficult 50-km long route in 18 hours.

22 Aug
23 Aug
Start 00:00

200 athletes from around the world have already confirmed their participation. On August 22 at 6 am they will start from the Gaish Observatory, and finish in the Kim-Asar Gorge. Sometimes the route reaches 4000 meters above sea level.

Each participant has to not only run the required distance, but also carry equipment with them - from the flashlight to the life blanket. Leaving or losing any item from the mandatory list is a reason for disqualification. But there are also nice bonuses. The track runs through picturesque places, so runners will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery. In addition, there will be three catering stands for athletes.

Last year, Shyngys Baykashev set a new ultramarathon record. He ran 50 kilometers in 6 hours 2 minutes - this is 9 minutes less than the result of Denis Vlasov, the previous record holder.