Agritek/Farmtek Astana 2020 (UFI approved event)

Agritek/Farmtek Astana 2020 (UFI approved event)

The World Exhibition Association (UFI, has confirmed the independent audit of the AgriTek / FarmTek Astana International Agricultural Exhibition and announced that it has been awarded the UFI Approved Event mark. According to official statistics, 4,510 people visited the AgriTek / FarmTek Astana 2019 exhibition, of which 90% are specialists.

The “UFI Approved Event” sign indicates a high organizational level of events, their impact on business development and industry formation, and also confirms the reliability of statistics. The UFI Association certifies based on the annual audit results of exhibition events.

Agricultural machinery and equipment:

Tractors, trucks, etc.

Seeders, equipment for tillage

Fertilizers, sprayers

Harvesting and post-harvesting equipment

Hay Harvesting and Storage

Landscaping and forestry:

Wine production and winemaking

Spare parts

Irrigation equipment, pumps

Intensive Farming Technologies

Plant protection

Fertilizers and soil additives

Oil Products

Bags, films and packaging

Gardening equipment

Garden seeders and planters

Equipment for harvesting vegetables and fruits

Sorting and packaging equipment

Greenhouses and greenhouses

Materials for the equipment of greenhouses

Irrigation and Fertilizer Technologies

Fertilizers and soil additives

Insecticides, hybrids, fungicides

Equipment for heating and ventilation

Seeds and seedlings

Horticultural products

Floriculture products and technologies

Garden equipment


Livestock Technology and Innovation

Equipment and technologies for poultry farming

Hatchery equipment


Livestock feed and additives

Feed preparation and processing

Wellness, veterinary technology

Animal Waste Processing

Livestock complexes

Receiving, processing milk and dairy products