XII Eurasian Forum “Kazenergy”

XII Eurasian Forum “Kazenergy”
XII Eurasian Forum "Kazenergy" has been arranged by the Kazenergy Association since 2006 and represents the main international event in the energy field of Caspian and Central-Asian regions. Traditionally, the "Kazenergy" Forum attracts international governments, international energy companies, diplomatic missions, Kazakhstani and foreign companies in the energy sector, research institutions and consulting agencies. 
Annually, over 2,5 thousand delegates from more than 300 companies representing 50 countries participate in the forum. For many years, influential political leaders and internationally recognised experts have been addressing speeches at its stage and that proves high status of the event. 2,500 people will participate in the forum. 
Business agenda of the Forum:
Plenary (or “strategic”) sessions
Panel programme sessions
Interactive discussion