1200 square kilometers

Shymkent is the Southern Kazakhstan’s most vibrant city, with bustling bazaars and a lively downtown.


The third largest city in the country, Shymkent is a charming place situated along the Great Silk Road, famous for its rich history and ancient architecture stretching back as far as the 11th century.

City’s orchards, numerous restaurants and truly Asian hospitality make it Kazakhstan’s Silk Road capital.

Key Facts

AreaPopulationVenues and hotelsAirport
Largest venueHotel rooms
1200 sq.km1 033 4781300 sq.m.764Shymkent International Airport (15 min)

Special Features

Cultural capital of CIS

The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) has elected Shymkent the cultural capital of CIS for 2020. The city bears a history of 2200 years as a major trade hub serving a bridge between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and other Central Asian states.

City on the Silk Road

Shymkent, along with other Central Asian cities, was part of the historic Silk Road that ran from Europe to China. Because of its location on the Silk Road route, Shymkent grew into an important trade and cultural center.

Sunshine city

The sun shines on average 300 days a year, and summer lasts from May to October, making Shymkent one of the year-round destinations in Central Asia.