Why Kazakhstan for incentives

Incentive travel in Kazakhstan

is one of the most spirited and colorful countries in the world. In the short time following its dramatic and impressive development.

  • Incentive Travel that Excites, Motivates & Drives Results

    An incentive travel program that actually drives growth and creates cool vacation is important and we offer them all in Kazakhstan. It’s about engaging your people —before, during and after your event — with authentic, unique experiences that inspire peak performance and a lasting connection with company and brand.

    We offer different experiences set to motivate your emploees from high mountain team building and motivation programs to city based activities.

  • Great Variety of Incentive Programs

    Kazakhstan is a country of great steppes that stretches over 3000 km from the East to the West. This is the largest flat region on earth, where the foundation of horse breeding and equestrian culture was laid. The world’s famous “Golden Man” was found on this land and mankind conquered space for the first time from the spaceport “Baikonyr”. Likewise, Kazakhstan is a birthplace of apples and tulips.

    There are 11 sites inscribed to the UNESCO World Heritage List. The presence of 13 national parks and 10 natural reserves, half of which are included in the UNESCO`s International Network of Biosphere Reserves proves the natural wealth of our country.

    Kazakhstan is surrounded by the most beautiful highlands of Altay and the Tien Shan, in which there are many picturesque mountain lakes and glacial peaks – home to rare species such as snow leopard and mountain argali. A treasure of Tian-Shan, the majestic Khan Tengri peak with a height of 7010 m, rises above these limitless mountain expanses, offering unparalleled mountaineering experience.

  • Authentic Almaty

    Almaty is the authentic and most vibrant, green city in Central Asia. It features a ski resort within the city and the world's highest skating rink in the mountains. Almaty is the real source of travel inspiration. Kazakhstan's largest metropolis, is set in the foothills of the Trans-Ili Alatau mountains. It served as the country's capital until 1997 and remains Kazakhstan's trading, tourism and cultural hub. Almaty is also the most populous and cosmopolitan city in the region.

  • Nur-Sultan – Youngest and Northernmost Capital City of Asia.

    Nur-Sultan is world`s youngest and northernmost capital city of Asia. Nur-Sultan was awarded the title of City of Peace by UNESCO. A convenient location in the center of the Eurasian continent makes city an economically advantageous transport, communication and tourism center, a kind of Transit Bridge between Europe and Asia.

    In the past 20 years the capital city has transformed into one of the largest regional economic, financial, transport and cultural hubs - the heart of the Central Asia. As a result the city has been gaining increasing recognition as a major hub for business and MICE tourism.

  • Shymkent – cultural capital of CIS

    Southern Kazakhstan’s most vibrant city, with bustling bazaars and a lively downtown. The third largest city in the country, Shymkent is a charming place situated along the Great Silk Road, famous for its rich history and ancient architecture stretching back as far as the 11th century. City’s orchards, numerous restaurants and truly Asian hospitality make it Kazakhstan’s Silk Road capital.

  • Build Your Own program

    Would you like to prepare a special reward program for your company or invite business partners to strengthened cooperation? Kazakhstan is perfect destination offering a variety of incentive programs in the metropolitan cities, unique nature, nomadic culture, silkway, mountains, winter sports, diversity of cultures and cuisine, etc.

    You can choose among different team buildings, reward programs, luxury tours, culinary experiences, adrenaline sports and many more. Our professional team is dedicated to prepare incentive program in unique and innovative way to offer you the best experience of Kazakhstan.